Friday, April 30, 2010

Is December 21, 2012 the END?

Ram asks:

Is Dec 21,2012 - end of the world?

Natarajan Amirapu answers:

Several such dates have come and gone. What of it? These doomsday predictions are outright stupid. All this discussion arises out of the idea that the physical body of the man is real. But we know that the Gita declares that such bodies we had several and would still have many. Whether the world remains or perishes, what does it matter? we would go on forever.

Living in the present is the only answer. Even in the last moment do your duty perfectly (karma yoga), love your god perfectly (bhaktiyoga), remain in deep meditation (rajayoga) and discriminate perfectly between the real and the unreal (jnanayoga). Any of these would do!

Ours is the only philosophy which takes on such momentous questions, which the west makes of them, with great ease. You, yourself are divine. Know that and be that.

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