Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Go abroad to broaden your vision

Conversation between Santosh and Natarajan Amirapu.


Dear Nataraj anna,

Could you please explain the meaning of the below paragraph.

"Only I want that numbers of our young men should pay a visit to Japan and China every year. Especially to the Japanese, India is still the dreamland of everything high and good. And you, what are you? … talking twaddle all your lives, vain talkers, what are you? Come, see these people, and then go and hide your faces in shame. A race of dotards, you lose your caste if you come out! Sitting down these hundreds of years with an ever-increasing load of crystallized superstition on your heads, for hundreds of years spending all your energy upon discussing the touchableness or untouchableness of this food or that, with all humanity crushed out of you by the continuous social tyranny of ages – what are you? And what are you doing now? … promenading the sea-shores with books in your hands – repeating undigested stray bits of European brainwork, and the whole soul bent upon getting a thirty rupee clerkship, or at best becoming a lawyer – the height of young India’s ambition – and every student with a whole brood of hungry children cackling at his heels and asking for bread! Is there not water enough in the sea to drown you, books, gowns, university diplomas, and all?"

Thanking you.

Natrajan Amirapu:

Japanese and Chinese see India as the birthplace of Lord Buddha and consider it very holy. They assume that all Indians are imbibed with the qualities of the purity, the rationality and the steadfastness of Buddha. Whereas, we are far from that.