Monday, July 11, 2011

Advaitism and Vedanta

Advaitism and Vedanta

Discussion between Sriram and Natarajan Amirapu


What is the difference between advaitism and Vedanta? To me both concepts appear same.

Natarajan Amirapu:

The word Vedanta encompasses Advaita in its fold.

Vedanta means Veda+Anta which indicates the end of Vedanta. That is the essence or the conclusion of Vedas.

Vedanta accepts the ideas of Dvaita, Vishithadvaita and Advaita. According the Swami Vivekananda they are various stages of Spiritual life rather than being opposed to one another.

First, man finds the world impermanent and unreal and tries to find something that is perfect and permanent in the form a God. Sri Ramakrishna says that he feels "Brahma satyam, jaganmithya" - God alone is real and the world is illusory. He worships Him as he would like to treat himself. The man will offer Him what he himself likes most etc and tries to see himself in God and tries to achieve the same perfection that is in God.

At a later stage he realizes that all are one as he realizes that the world is also a product of the one and the same Brahman or God. He realises all this manifest world is a form of God. Further he understands that since the same God is manifest in his fellow beings, selfless service to them would constitute worshiping God himself. This is which Swami Vivekananda taught as the grand idea of Advaita Vedanta.

We, as the new followers of the integrated Vedanta, believe that all these ideas are correct and they lead one to the other rather than oppose each other. There is obsolutely no conflict whatsoever. Yato mat tato path - As many religious ideas, so many paths!

Hope I am clear.

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