Monday, July 11, 2011


Discussion between Vamsi and Natarajan Amirapu.

Ram asks:

Swami Dayatmananda asked us a question and himself answered it as well. It is as follows

Question: Whom do we have to listen if our guru and God come to us and tell two contradictory things?

Answer: We have to listen to guru because we come to know about God from our guru!

I heard the same answer from Sri Chaganti Koteswara Rao Garu also.

Please explain this for me.

Natarajan Amirapu:

I agree with what swamiji said.

Sri Ramakrishna says that Satchidananda Parabrahman himself manifests as our Guru. That is why so much of respect is given to Guru. If we carefully think about it, we will find that the Guru resembles God in all his characteristics. God is Sat-chit-ananda. Knowledge-existence and bliss. The guru, by virtue of his pure character symbolizes all those and he talks of nothing but them and instills the same characters in us as well. That will make us go towards God. Swami Vivekananda says, “It is great men who lay down their lives to build the road on which millions of ordinary people cross this samsara.”(I changed the actual wording)(This does not apply to our day to day lecturers of our colleges, who teach for a salary!)

By making our Guru happy we will be able to achieve everything. Guru becomes happy when we do what he asks us to. A real Guru does not expect anything from the student but absolute obedience and practice.

The Guru may not always be in front of us but he will be watching us all the same in the form of his teachings which we remember. They will constantly keep ringing in our ears and will keep us in the right path.

Guru helps us find God and hence he is greater than God himself. This is not only very poetic but quite true as well. To inspire students like us, can’t you guess what kind of spiritual strength is needed? Even God is helpless!!!

Finally, as we already said earlier, a good Guru and God are not two different things. They are the same. One manifest in flesh and blood and one un-manifest.

There is a Sanskrit sloka which says:

atma buddhiH suKam caiva

guru buddhiH visheSHataH

para buddhiH vinAshAya …etc.

It means that if you use your own intellect you may be happy. If you listen to your guru it will always have some deep meaning which will be beneficial to you. Listening to a Tom, Dick or Harry, will bring ruin to you. Etc..

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