Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Universal acceptance is Religion

Sriram asks:

Dear Nataraj anna,

          I encountered an incident yesterday. I went to a temple today. After prayer, I took prasad there and came to room. I offered prasad to one of my room mate. He is a christian. He declined prasad saying he should not take it. Infact, he was of opinion that prasad offered to deities is unholy. I think even muslims wont accept prasad. I got angry initially when he declined it but i did not express it.I kept silent. I saw him taking some hindus to church but he wont come to temple. Suppose I will offer all the food in the world at the feet of altar. Then will they stop from taking that food? I got bad opinion about them and thought that I should not take what they give me on their religious festivals. What should be my attitude towards them? Please advice.

Amirapu Natarajan answers:

Dear Sriram, 

Love breeds love and hatred breeds more hatred.