Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Universal acceptance is Religion

Sriram asks:

Dear Nataraj anna,

          I encountered an incident yesterday. I went to a temple today. After prayer, I took prasad there and came to room. I offered prasad to one of my room mate. He is a christian. He declined prasad saying he should not take it. Infact, he was of opinion that prasad offered to deities is unholy. I think even muslims wont accept prasad. I got angry initially when he declined it but i did not express it.I kept silent. I saw him taking some hindus to church but he wont come to temple. Suppose I will offer all the food in the world at the feet of altar. Then will they stop from taking that food? I got bad opinion about them and thought that I should not take what they give me on their religious festivals. What should be my attitude towards them? Please advice.

Amirapu Natarajan answers:

Dear Sriram, 

Love breeds love and hatred breeds more hatred.

The problem lies somewhere else. Our character should shine like sun. Then only people understand us.

The problem you wrote is only related to the external things and it has nothing to do with any real religion. Going to church or temple does not make one religious. "To do good and to be good" is the whole of religion. Don't try to impose your ideas on others. Tell them. If they like them, it is okay and it they don't, it is all the more okay.

This religious fanaticism is more prevalent among the so called educated. Come to our samithi, and all the religions unite. Here it is the problem of hunger. There is nothing religious about these educated fanatics. It is just superiority complex.

Don't impose you ideas on others and if they refuse, don't get upset. Read the Complete Works, Gita and Kathamrita thoroughly and try to imbibe those ideas. The problem is always subjective. Correct yourself and the world appears correct.

Sorry, if I am sounding harsh. But life is harsh.

Yours ever affectionately,


  1. Dear Sriram,

    Please note that their refusal to accept Prasad is because of their beliefs, but it may not necessarily mean that they disrespect you or your religion. It is just that they are following their religion as it was taught to them. Why not accept them as they are and respect their beliefs? That is the real love Sri Ramakrishna taught us.

    Imagine you being born and brought up in a Christian home or a muslim home. Would you not also do the same? Understanding them and appreciating their reality will help us accept them better.

    Best wishes,

  2. They captured me with that comment. I must confess, I've never heard of Dawkin's book where he supposedly proves through science, God does not exist.
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