Monday, April 23, 2012

What is success?

Anybody would tell you that Success is a relative term. But there must be some reality behind everything and even though we feel it is only relative there must be something that is real behind a success and that is why we are so attracted to it.

 Lets explain what is success in simple words. When we want something and when we get it we call it a success. We succeeded in our tenth class, we succeeded in getting a job, writing a book, becoming the prime minister, becoming a monk. Then, there are long term successes like a successful career, successful householder life etc.

 Success gives a sense of exhilaration. That is why we want it again and again. But our successes are short-lived. The smaller successes fade away before the glitter of bigger successes. In the long run, any amount of success will simply fade away and we start to feel a sense of void. The original exhilaration would not sustain without newer successes. And the great irony is that our successes are compared with the successes others achieve and that is the greatest source of heartburn. Don’t we see how the ‘cricketing’ records are broken all the while?

 Then, we come across some successes, who are remembered for all ages to come. They appear to be absolutely peerless. Take the examples of Buddha, Moses, Adi Sankara, Jesus Christ, Sri Ramakrishna and Swami Vivekananda. Their success is incomparable. Their success has a singular quality – selflessness.

 We can get our greatest success when we are selfless. We get the greatest exhilaration when we want none at all. When we are selfless, there is no peer pressure and nothing to compare and hence no fading away, no records to be broken. Let us understand this idea and find real success.


  1. Dear Natarajanji,

    I came across this post of yours about success. I have question on this aspect: you defined that achieving a goal is success; however, how can you not have a goal and yet achieve success?? Very confusing!!