Friday, May 31, 2013

Mind and its control

Sivananda wrote: Could you please explain in much more detail about this quote of Swami Ashokananda given below:

"Training of mind to regular habits is more urgent in spiritual life than indulgence in superfine emotions. - Swami Ashokananda."

Dear Sivananda,

Your quesion is nice. Thanks to Uddhav Maharaj we have this beautiful discussion.

Whenever we think of controlling mind, we think we have to do some thing very complex, deep and somewhat confusing! Especially for those who have read a little about mind control, the problem becomes all the more complex!

People feel that they should observe the deepest recesses of their mind, and root out all that are problematic! That very 'work' would turn out to be a problem!

But training the mind starts at the point of taking great care while doing the small things. Your conduct in your daily mundane works would lead to success in controlling your mind. Because, they are not only the most neglected but how you do them is a direct result of the degree of control you have on your mind. The practice of taking care while doing them directly results in the control of mind.

Take great care - when you work on your computer, when you lock your house or car, when you wear your shirt - these are the small things that would go a long way in your practice of mind-control. Doing fewer mistakes is the idea.

However, Swami Ashokanandaji says that thinking of controlling the super-fine becomes an indulgence after some time!

To conclude, I can only quote from Swami Vivekananda: "Well, now great things are to be done! Who cares for great things? Why not do small things as well? One is as good as the other. The greatness of little things, that is what the Gita teaches — bless the old book!! . . ."

Natarajan Amirapu.

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  1. Thanks Natarajanji.

    Good to know that you have a blog that you are posting some writings as well writing yourself.

    Doing even everything with utmost care is sure a good idea of getting the mind under control. I feel that we make ourselves complex by thinking too much about the future than the present. Fear of future is one other thing that we commit lot of mistakes!